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Collection: Apple iPhone 12 Pro Armbands

The brand-new Apple iPhone 12 Pro is one of the most impressive, tech-forward phones on the market today, and that means that you can't toss yours in just any armband when you head out for a run. If you recently invested in the latest iPhone, Armpocket carries a selection of armbands for iPhone 12 Pro to keep it safe and secure.

Featuring sturdy, comfortable details designed with runners like you, our Armpocket iPhone 12 Pro armbands also include pockets for all your essentials. Additional protective features will protect your smartphone from sweat, drops and the elements. Check out our selection of running armbands for the iPhone 12 Pro and you'll be ready to hit the trail with your new phone.

Armpocket Running Phone Armbands for iPhone 12 Pro

We design all of our armbands specifically to fit your unique smartphone, and our iPhone 12 Pro armbands are the perfect size to accommodate your new phone's 6.1-inch HD retina display screen. Features like IPX4 splash and sweat protection keep your phone safe from moisture from sweat or the elements, and the highly responsive touch screen control makes it possible to change your music or queue up a podcast without removing your phone from the armband.

Running Armbands with Comfortable, Secure Features

Aside from protecting your iPhone 12 Pro, our Armpocket armbands all feature a secure, comfortable design that keeps them in place no matter how long or hard you run. Non-slip grip along the straps holds the armband (and your phone) in the same place against your arm throughout your entire workout, and memory foam padding at the back keeps your arm comfortable. Armpocket iPhone 12 Pro running armbands also feature smart pockets at strategic places on the armband, so you can carry your keys, credit card and other essentials without disrupting your run. Shop sleek, slim styles like our Racer Edge armband, fully-loaded armbands like the Mega i-40 or a wide variety of other iPhone 12 Pro armbands below.

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